Important News

  • 5th Grade Senior Dues

    Here you will find the packet that went home sent by the PTA about 5th senior dues. 

    PS216 Arturo Toscanini
  • School Remind

    We only have about 180 parents signed up for our school's remind app, which means there is about 500 parents who are still not signed up. Here you will receive important information on school events and other activities! Please see attached for steps on how to sign up. Remind can be a very useful tool.  

    PS216 Arturo Toscanini
  • New Morning Arrival location

    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    We wanted to inform you about the new location for the morning arrival. The old location was at the side door on West Street. The new location will be the side door on East 1st. This will enable parents who drive to have a drop and go, which will also ease traffic in the area.  

    PS216 Arturo Toscanini
  • Please Look Below to Fill Out the Lunch Form Before School!

    Filling out the lunch form online before school starts will make the lunch process easier. This way if possible, you can avoid bills in error or know if you need to pay. 

    PS216 Arturo Toscanini

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